Saturday, November 1, 2008

Documenting More Individuals

With what I had found on, I was able to write the story of my wife's maternal grandfather. Then I started the William Henry Kemps story. I sent it to Bill and other family members as final. Then the updates came back and I sent out another final. This happened a few more times and finally settled down. About November 2007, I signed up for another year of I did a lot of searching and finally documented the Patrick and Louisa Ryan story. In May of 2008, I happened upon a good website resource for my family; Illinois Genealogy Trails for Washington County at: I was going to send my stories there so they could be posted. Then I realized that I had some out of state stories so I created my own website: as a place to put them all. This is working very well, considering how often I am making updates at this point in time. The Genealogy Trails website points to mine so the stories are shared through that site. So far, I have about 10 stories posted.

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