Saturday, June 19, 2010

Seven McClurkin Ministers

At least seven McClurkins were ministers of the Reformed Presbyterian Church. Two books, that were published, included sketches of their lives. "History of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in America" included six of them. "Sketches of the Ministers of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America from 1888 to 1930" included five from the first book and one additional. Pseudo biographies have been created for these individuals by presenting these sketches. The seven ministers, and links to their biographies, are: Albert Witsius McClurkin, Hugh Park McClurkin, John Johnston McClurkin, John Knox McClurkin, Samuel Rutherford McClurkin, Thaddeus Zwingle McClurkin and Walter Clyde McClurkin. All seven individuals were descendants of Thomas McClurken.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thomas McClurken Outline Descendant Report Update

Building on the three previous posts, the Outline Descendant Report of Thomas McClurken has now been updated. The number of individuals almost doubled from 166 to 325. Numerous new links have been added. See the updated Outline Descendant Report.