Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Renewed Interest in 2005

In 2005, my cousin Marlene sent me a letter and wondered if I had any updates to my 1987 research. She was especially interested in my great grandparents, Patrick and Louisa Ryan. I wrote a short summary for what I knew about each individual. Then I wrote the story of my father's life and sent it to my brother for input. Since I had the paid research on my great great grandfather, James Kemps, I wrote that narrative next. I took an on-line genealogy course provided by the maker of my notebook computer. Then, I found a good deal on Family Tree Maker 2005, so I upgraded. It came with a free one-year subscription to To get the most out of my free year, I began to search for everyone on both sides of my tree and both sides of my wife's tree. I printed and downloaded as much as I could find. After a couple of months, I upgraded the subscription and searched more. I used their OneWorldTree and found information about the McClurken's, that other researcher had provided. Then I cancelled the upgrade but it turns out that it also cancels the rest of your free year. I complained to no avail. My local library provides home access to Heritage Quest but it does not provide everyname look-up and seems incomplete. I used it for quite a while with limited results. I also made several trips to the library and used My interst waned with the effort.

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The Morris Family said...

Hi Roger, I am Keri Beth Marlene's oldest daughter. I saw that you had a blog so I thought I would say hi! I know that my mom has enjoyed visiting with you, and has loved learning more about her ancestors.