Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thomas McClurken Revolutionary War Service

Last August, I added the 94 page Pension File of Thomas McClurken to my website. Now, I have finally gotten around to transcibing the 6 pages that relate to his testimony about the extent of his service. The webpage for the transcript is Thomas McClurken Revolutionary War Service.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Birth Year of Thomas McClurken

Unfortunately, the various sources, that indicate the birth year of Thomas McClurken, are not consistent. Therefore, I created a webpage to list some of these sources and present my conclusion that he was born in 1756. See this page at Birth Year.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thomas McClurken in the 1800 US Census

I had seen transcriptions of Thomas McClurken for the 1800 US Census; however, I had never seen the actual image. So I decided to look again using HertitageQuest. After trying all the variations of the spelling of the last name, I decided to look for persons in Chester County South Carolina named Thomas. Although it found 69, it was immediately apparent which was correct.
The last name is obscured in the image; however, his brother, Matthew appears directly below and the last name is complete. To view the image, see 1800 US Census line 2. To appreciate the data, it is necessary to view a blank form with the column headings; see 1800 Blank Form. This information will be added to the biography for Thomas in the near future.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Obituary of Thomas McClurken, Senior

A kind, but, distant relative, sent me a transcript of the obituary of Thomas McClurken (1756 - 1845). It indicated that it was published in the April 1846 issue of "The Reformed Presbyterian." With just a little effort, I was able to find the original material at the Reformed Presbyterian Archives. I also concluded that the author was incorrectly identified in the transcript. I have repackaged this obituary with the original text and attached it to the biography of Thomas. The obituary provides a unique reflection of his life and his faith. See obituary.