Friday, September 16, 2011

Expanded Family Tree Available

An updated family tree, with 945 individuals, is now available in three locations. It is available, by subscription, on and identified as Samuel Henry Kemps. It is available for free, in text format, on, also identified as Samuel Henry Kemps. The link is:
The final location is on my website as Ancestor Tree. The last version includes photos of numerous individuals. Please view the tree at the most convenient site.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Read About the McClurkens or McClurkins

There are many books that have information about the McClurkens or McClurkins. Many are found on Google Books. In addition, HeritageQuest Books shows 32 listings for McClurken and 42 for McClurkin. Many are duplicates and a few appear on both lists.
With so much information, the challenge is to document and keep track of all of it. FamilyTreeMaker is a great tool for this purpose; however, it can be a time consuming process. I have now completed this task; but, the results will not be publically available until I am able to reissue my trees on and