Saturday, December 4, 2010

Clara McClurken Kemps' Death Certificate

I recently ordered and received some death certificates from the Illinois Department of Public Health. One was for Clara Amanda McClurken Kemps (1849 - 1936). Previous attempts to acquire this had been unsuccessful. This time I located it in their database with the last name misspelled Kerups and an incorrect year of 1935. Most of the information was previously known and some was incorrect (parents birthplaces should have been South Carolina). A curiosity was the cause of death - cerebral hemorrhage. One of her sons, Luther James Kemps, had also died of a cerebral hemorrhage just six months earlier. It was nice to finally acquire this document as an additional source for the various dates and facts of her birth and death. This document has been included as a reference file for her biography an is also available at this link.

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