Sunday, February 8, 2009

Probate Documents

Ordering probate documents comes with mixed results. Patience is also required. With Washington County, first you identify what you want. Then they quote you a price based on the number of pieces. Next, you send them a check, wait for the documents and hope they are for the right individual. I ordered the records for James and Thomas McClurken; but, the ones for Thomas were for the wrong Thomas. The documents come on legal size paper so they are too big to scan. Some sheets I took to the copy store and got them reduced. Others I cut apart since they were a collection of small pieces. Still others came with cutoff pieces. Scanning required extra effort to modify the B/W threshold on some pages that were lighter or darker than the average.

In the end, I am fairly satisfied with the Probate Summary of the James McClurken Estate and the James McClurken Probate Documents. The second one is a fairly large file of 32 pages.

I will try again to get the records for the right Thomas.

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