Friday, February 13, 2009

Ancestor Tree Enhancement

I was never happy with the ancestor tree diagrams that I had placed on my website. They were screen captures of outputs from Family Tree Maker and they were static and fuzzy. Additionally, they caused me to split the tree into two images. I had looked at a couple of other websites and decided to evaluate the software that they had used. I downloaded the free version of GedHTree and played around with it. I created a subset of my GEDCOM file with only 219 individuals that I wanted to display. All living individuals were excluded, although the program allows various privacy options. I concluded that I wanted to present the "all-inclusive tree style" that displays all the children of various parents. This feature is only in the $20 registered version, so I shelled it out. I am fairly happy with this new feature, although, the all-inclusive tree may confuse users until they figure it out. For the time being, I have not added photos and there is no linkage to the biographies. However, this feature is so nice that I will be redesigning my homepage and biographies to better coordinate. Try it out at Ancestry Tree.

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