Saturday, July 17, 2010 Revisited and Recommended

Previously, I had never found anyone on However, I decided to check it out again. I found that on May 30, 2009, the Oakdale Cemetery in Washington County, Illinois and a total of twelve McClurkens and McClurkins were added. Upon reviewing their FAQs, my whole perspective changed. I realized that it is a great place to create memorials to individuals. So far, I have added my parents, two of my grandparents, two great granparents, four great great grandparents, two great great great grandparents and eight aunts and uncles. Additionally, I added 38 additional McClurken - McClurkin graves in the Oakdale Cemetery and I am managing the original 12. I have requested photos for many of the above gravesites.

Lengthy biography space is available and 5 free photos are allowed (20 if you pay a one time fee of $5). Grave Monument photos can be requested from volunteers. I, now, highly recommend the use of as a way to create memorials to our dearly departed loved ones. (And you may find that they are already there).

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